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Why equine massage?  Does your horse really need it? 

Horses are natural athletes giving us a lifetime of riding for sport or pleasure.  Just like other professional athletes, massage can make a horse stronger, happier, relaxed, and fit. 

And massage for horses is not new!  The Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans treated their horses to therapeutic massage for war, sport, and therapy.  And although veterinary medicine has developed new treatments and granted us advanced science, there is still benefit in basic muscle work and body treatments that do more than just make your horse feel good. 

Reach new levels in your riding and help your horse perform to the best of his/her ability by giving the gift of equine massage. So, what can massage do?  Among many benefits, massage: 

Reduces the potential for injury.

Encourages a horse’s willingness to work.

Creates better communication between horse and rider.

Improves circulation.

Enhances muscle tone.

Relieves tension.

Restores free-flowing motion.

Reduces swelling and inflammation in joints.

In fact, some common issues that can be treated with massage include:

Head tossing
“Off” for no apparent reason
Shoulder or hip lameness
Stiffness and resistance
Coordination difficulties
Short, choppy strides
Incorrect leads
Sore back
Difficulty bending
“Cinchy” horses
Attitude problems
Loss of performance ability

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